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I came to Spain for a threat and I requested international protection, but I have not been able to answer me for the pandemic, I want to return to my country since I am in critical conditions here in Spain

Soon I am going to spend the tourist permission. I need to leave the country and I do not have money to continue covering the expenses.

I need to return to Colombia at the latest in July because I would lose a one-year labor contract and in Madrid my housing contract ends. I do not have any economic entry at this time.

Hello I am with my 2 year old son with my wife at this time we are playing very hard we are without silver for feeding or to pay a room we also want to return to Colombia I hope you can help us thank you very much

I am in the country of Ecuador in the city of Puyo with 4 minor children for the issue of Covid 19 I do not have work I do not have any way I do not have food or money to be able to return to my country please help me

Arrive on February 4 Tourism motive, my flight back 10 March. Now for reasons of the Covid 19 I have been approximately 2 months and a week. Not already counting with economic resources to pay for rent and food.

Good day, I ask him from a heart to help me return to my country, I do not have to pay for a lease, or merger and I am with my son under 5 years of age. We have no social security, although thank God we are well.

I need to return home and I do not have the resources to do it on a humanitarian flight I am a tourist and my flight was for March 25, I need help I can not keep me anymore in Guatemala and I’ve been waiting for please.

He was a student in Kennesaw (Georgia) but I finished my career and I want to return to Colombia. I want to be able to access a humanitarian flight as soon as possible, because for my parents is being difficult to send money to keep me here because they are without work in Colombia

We are two Colombians trapped in Honolulu since March 11. We would like to know if there is a possibility that you will help us to be repatriated in one of the next humanitarian flights that are programmed.

I am with my family and none is working we are desperate in search of a job, but everything is closed there is no way to win anything the lease is very expensive and of the real estate call all the time threatening us that we are going to take us out of the house.

I am in Spain irregularly. AND

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